Our Process

The energy market is always changing—seasonal trends, economic indicators, world events, changing energy policies and even the weather all have an impact on the price of electricity and natural gas. No matter the current state of the market, Titan Energy will provide you with informed recommendations depending on the market environment and your usage trends.

Our process begins with an initial analysis. As a customer, you’ll be asked to provide your latest electricity or natural gas invoice(s). By analyzing consumption data, wholesale markets, existing commodity contracts and supplier rates, we can find the lowest cost supplier for the product that is best for you.

Here’s our process:

  1. We’ll match market trends with your end objectives.
    You’ll receive the attention of a dedicated agent who will keep you up to date on the latest energy trends.
  2. Next we’ll analyze your electricity or natural gas bill(s)
    in order to make informed commodity purchasing recommendations.
  3. In soliciting bids from up to 15 of the most well regarded electricity and natural gas providers, we
    create a competitive bidding environment for your energy requirements.
  4. We assess bids
    from all suppliers and communicate the financial benefits and agreement terms to you.
  5. Titan Energy has an experienced team of professionals that constantly monitors the energy markets.— we’ll keep you informed throughout the process and will continually monitor your energy requirements.

Titan Energy’s team of experienced professionals is always helping clients achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking for immediate savings or long-term risk management, we’re dedicated to providing analyses that make sense. Use our checklist to see what specific documents we’ll need from you to get started.