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Financial Benefits

Thanks to energy deregulation, you can very often reduce your company’s energy costs by purchasing electricity and natural gas through a third-party supplier instead of your local utility.

Supplier Relationships

Titan Energy maintains active professional relationships with all of the national electricity and natural gas suppliers.

Titan Energy’s diverse assortment of supply partners allows us to offer a wide variety of products and services to better serve customers of all sizes.

Titan has multiple electric and natural gas products. For electricity, we can procure fixed price, market price, block price, and renewable agreements. For natural gas, Titan can secure fixed price and basis agreements.

We pride ourselves on the best pricing, energy market expertise and experience, and have always built long-term relationships helping our clients manage ongoing risk as well as consulting in other energy management programs such as:

  • Demand response
  • Cogeneration feasibility
  • Invoice auditing
  • Demand-side management

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