Q: Will I notice any interruption or change in service if I choose a third-party supplier?

A: No. No matter which supplier we help you choose, electricity and natural gas will still be delivered by the utility company.

Q: Whom do I contact in the event of an emergency or power outage?

A: You still call the local utility. The utility is responsible for maintenance and repair of poles and wires.

Q: Who will the bill come from?

A: This depends on which supplier Titan helps you choose. Most energy suppliers are on a single bill system with the local utility, In this scenario, you would receive one bill for both supply and delivery from the local utility. With a handful of suppliers, you will receive two bills – one from the energy supplier and one from the utility.

Q: What happens if my energy provider stops serving customers?

A: This is unlikely to happen. However, if it does, you will still be served by the local utility company and Titan Energy will help you choose another supplier.