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The “Right” Way to Shop

Relationships. Value. Service. This is what customers have come to expect from Titan Energy—the experts behind affordable electricity and natural gas commodities. Titan is one of the largest and most respected energy management consulting firms in the northeast.

And here’s why:

Titan’s knowledgeable and experienced energy professionals consult with commercial, industrial, municipal and residential customers on the best possible energy solutions. With our large supply network, Titan can secure the best prices and terms for each customer.

Thousands of customers have already chosen Titan Energy to analyze their energy unique energy use data, manage their risk profiles, and choose electricity and gas providers.

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Our Process

The energy market is always changing—seasonal trends, economic indicators, world events, changing energy policies and even the weather all have an impact on the price of electricity and natural gas. No matter the current state of the market, Titan Energy will provide you with informed recommendations depending on the market environment and your usage trends. […]

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Financial Benefits

Thanks to energy deregulation, you can very often reduce your company’s energy costs by purchasing electricity and natural gas through a third-party supplier instead of your local utility. Supplier Relationships Titan Energy maintains active professional relationships with all of the national electricity and natural gas suppliers. Titan Energy’s diverse assortment of supply partners allows us […]

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Q: Will I notice any interruption or change in service if I choose a third-party supplier? A: No, no matter which supplier we help you choose, electricity and natural gas will still be delivered by the utility company. Q: Whom do I contact in the event of an emergency or power outage? A: You still […]

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