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Procurement Solutions

Titan Energy will identify a pricing model that works for you and your budget. Here’s a list of the various pricing models you can choose from.

Pricing models for Electricity Service

  • Fixed Price – Locks in the generation rate for up to a three-year term. It provides a stable price backed by financially stable suppliers
  • Market Indexed – Reflects the wholesale electricity market conditions, providing you with accurate cost correlation to the electric retail market
  • Block Price – Fixes a price for a portion of usage with the balance at a market rate. It hedges most of your energy use and limits exposure to the market

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Pricing models for Natural Gas

  • Fixed Price – Locks in the commodity rate and the interstate pipeline transportation rate for up to a five-year term
  • Market Based Product – Locks in the transportation rate for the term of the contract but floats with the monthly settlement commodity rate on the Nymex. The energy price can be fixed for specific months.

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