Titan Gen

Titan’s on-site power division, Titan Gen, is proud to offer an extensive set of combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions to our clients throughout New England and beyond. CHP from Titan Gen affords the end-user a truly economic and environmentally friendly approach to cost reduction without the common financial barriers to entry. With advanced CHP technology, zero out-of-pocket costs and a team of professionals with over 150 years of industry experience-now is the time to take back control of your energy spend.


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Titan Gen CHP systems use cutting edge technology to generate on-site electrical power, along with thermal power recovered from the natural gas driven engine. Though a valuable source of energy, thermal power is often lost in electrical production in the form of waste heat. However, captured and recycled thermal power can be used for energy-intensive heating processes, such as space heating, hot water creation and manufacturing related heating requirements.

About the technology:

  • Immediate cost reduction- no lengthy payback periods
  • Increased cash flow and net income- only pay for energy you use
  • Positive impact on balance sheet-keep costly energy projects off your books
  • Hassle-free maintenance- all ongoing services included with installation
  • Focused approach to asset management-staff stays focused on managing your business, not your energy asset
  • Constant Connectivity-your business remains connected to the grid at all times, and operates independently when necessary
  • Monitoring capability keeps you, the end-user, always up-to-date regarding unit performance and energy output