Titan Audit


Rate, tax and other billing errors and overcharges on your utility electric, natural gas, water and sewer bills can occur. Our specialists can quickly and efficiently identify bill concerns and address these errors directly with the utility, saving you time and money. We take the mystery out of your bills; working with facilities and payables personnel to make sure they understand the bill and can identify the potential issues.


Testimonial/Success Stories:

  • One University reduced its electric bill by over $50,000 annually by consolidation of their electric metering.
  • A manufacturer who hired us recovered over $24,000 and will save over $12,000 per year due to our work in identifying tax exemptions and credits available on their electric and gas billing.
  • A drycleaner obtained a refund of $7,000 after we independently reviewed their purchase of natural gas from a third-party marketer.
  • A review of a municipal school system resulted in an over $4,000 monthly reduction to its electric bills due to a rate change.